Core Values

We Value...

Relationship With God

Our most important core value is to see all CityGate members develop a passionate relationship with God. As Sons and Daughters of the King, we make it a priority to worship Him, read His Word and develop a lifestyle of prayer and thanksgiving, both individually and corporately.

Worship And The WOrd

As a family of believers, we give worship to the King of Kings a prominent place in our times of gathering together. As we worship Jesus in unity, we expect the tangible presence of God to be in our midst. We believe that God is faithful to bring freedom and change as we hold utmost regard to the preaching and teaching of His Word.

Covenant Community

Relationships are key to growth and support. We take seriously our responsibility to provide opportunities to develop strong, healthy, covenantal relationships in families and the church body. Children’s and Youth ministry, home groups and social events are designed to build meaningful, authentic, Godly relationships. We encourage members to invest time into individual’s lives in the church and in their neighbourhoods and to be generous givers of the resources that God has given them. We decree and declare that we will be bridge builders between the generations.

Godly Character

We value the Fruit of the Spirit as much as we do the Gifts of the Spirit. We endeavour to cultivate an atmosphere of integrity, respect, honour, love, transparency, accountability, forgiveness and submission toward one another. We care enough to help those overcome areas of weakness by being strong in grace and love.

Empowering Others

Everyone is valued and has a God-given ministry! At CityGate, we are committed to identifying, mentoring, equipping and releasing His people to pursue their God-given dreams and destiny. As a training centre, we help equip and mobilize disciples to be effective in their spheres of influence.

Spiritual Fathers And Mothers

We believe that true relational fathering and mothering are necessary and important for spiritual growth. We are dedicated to mentor those who desire to grow in their walk with God and are passionate about being relational leaders who leave a legacy of Sons and Daughters behind us.

Kingdom Alignment

We embrace the biblical government of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. We believe as these gifts are correctly released in the church, a foundation is laid for God to pour out His presence and further establish His Kingdom here on Earth. As an apostolic hub, we endeavour to plant churches and send out teams within Canada and to the nations to teach, train, impart and establish God’s mandate for each region.

Prophetic Lifestyle

At CityGate, we place important value on listening and responding to the Holy Spirit. As a prophetic community, we desire that all would prophesy and use this gift to edify, exhort and comfort those in the church body as well as those in our community.

Love For Our Community

We are passionate about reaching out to those in our community. We seek God and ask Him for apostolic strategies to bring hope and healing to those in need. We help mobilize His army of disciples and encourage them to be bold and share their stories of the love of the Father, pray for the sick and expect miracles as they release Heaven on Earth.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts We celebrate the beauty of God's creation and the talents He gives His people reflected through the Arts: diversity in worship, media, drama, painting and other expressions of creativity used for His glory.

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